• Nick's Place is a one of a kind affordable recovery house for young men 20-26 years of Age.  We are located in a suburban setting with access to Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC. Nick’s Place is specifically designed to meet the needs of this population.

  • Nick's Place focuses on relapse prevention through mental, physical and spiritual education and participation in 12-step and Nick’s Place in-house programs.   We recognize that positive peer support is a key in helping young residents commit to a life of recovery.

  • We believe that our resident’s success rate is above the national average for 12-month continued recovery, because of our ability to focus on their unique needs.

  • Nick's Place program models the healthy family unit.

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Rhea McVicker   -   4604 W. Caroline Avenue   -   Beltsville, MD 20705   -   (301) 937-0455